Welcome: make yourself a part of our communitea

Give my launch video a watch!

Welcome to Spill the Tea! Get settled in, flick that kettle on and get ready to spill the tea, sis.

Spill the tea is a safe space to speak about the unspoken. As a young woman myself, I’ve noticed that we go through a lot in our twenties. From figuring out if we’re career women or free spirits, to finding the right contraception for us, to navigating the complicated topic of mental health – we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to tick all the right boxes.

That’s not to say we don’t chat about these topics, but they’re often limited to the confines of coffee shops, our kitchen tables or over a cuppa tea with our friends.

Spill the Tea

But if we already have to contend with a narrow set of representations in the media and juggling all these different responsibilities, surely it would lighten the load to get these worries out in the open!

I have three core values that I will be delving further into on this blog:

  1. Realitea: what makes us who we are: what are the realities and problems of being a woman in your twenties?
  2. Positivitea: creating a more positive outlook and how we can debunk stereotypes and stigma surrounding these topics.
  3. Communitea: digging deeper into the community to reveal what different groups are doing to help women facing these problems.

I will be posting three or four times weekly and on a Sunday, you can expect to see my “Tea-Time” uploads. This will be a vlog in which I sit down with another young woman, make us a brew and discuss what they’re finding to be the biggest struggle as a woman in their twenties. (We love spilling the tea.)

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We’re an open and accepting community and always love what you have to say – so get in touch! It’s great to have you as part of our communitea, I assure you we’re going to get this topic down to a T(ea).

Featured image: Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

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