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Welcome to Spill the Tea: a safe space for us to speak about the unspoken about young womxn’s* issues.

My name is Holly, I’m 22 years old and I’m navigating the problems that we face as young women in our 20s. This multimedia website is dedicated entirely to that.

Throughout both my undergraduate and master’s degree, I have been surrounded by friends who have been confronted with issues in their journey to adulthood. Whether we go to university or not, many of us crave independence once we hit our 20s – but with this comes pressures and responsibilities that can feel overwhelming.

In my final year of my undergraduate degree, I lived in a house of eight empowering females. A common reaction when I told people this was gasping, eyebrow raising and, “God, that must have been a bitchy environment.”

That could not be further from the truth. Our living room became a sanctuary-come-therapy-come-rant room in which we would we relay funny mementos about our day and support one another through tough times. (We were all living up to the English-Literature-student stereotype.)

It got me thinking that many of the chats we had and that I continue to share with other female friends are about topics that are confined to coffee shops, coffee tables or over a cuppa tea in our kitchens. It seems as though these chats never quite seem to make it into the public domain – even though a problem shared is a problem halved.

Spill the Tea

I know that this ‘keep-it-quiet’ culture extends beyond the lives of 20-something year old women and later into the lives of women who do or do not want to conceive, women who feel as though they must or must not work and women hitting the inevitable menopause. 

But wouldn’t it be great to stop the stigma around topics like menstruation, mental health and menopause? Women’s bodies are timepieces and we should be treasuring every time the hands change.

Spill the Tea is a website dedicated to giving voice to those that are often silenced in society. We are going to address many controversial topics by uncovering the realiteas of young women’s problems; creating positivitea and debunking myths; delving further into the communitea to reveal what different women’s groups are doing to better themselves.

I’d love to hear from you on what topics you’d like to be covered, so get in contact and follow our social media channels: Instagram / Facebook / Youtube.

Hopefully, we can whittle these problems down to a T(ea).

* womxn including all women – including marginalised groups of women.

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