Tea-time: International Women’s Day 2020


What does being a woman mean to you?

As women, this is not a question we get asked very regularly. Yet, womanhood is an intersectional aspect of many people’s lives and we must navigate it to form our own unique identity.

Being a woman cannot be narrowed down to one word, one phrase, one concept. This video encapsulates the very complexities of this: vulnerability yet strength, challenges yet rewards, consideration yet courageousness.

We can often feel pressures to conform to a single aspect of womanhood, as though one particular trait is more important than another. But what happened to celebrating all of these?

Over the last few weeks, we have explored some of the gender inequalities within STEM subjects, within sports and experiences of sexual violence.

We know that there are parts of the world with huge inequalities still. We know that in some places, steps are in place to reduce these gender gaps. We also know that many changes are yet to be made.

Make sure to watch the video and to look out for a succession of blogposts about the different International Women’s Day celebrations in Newcastle over the last week…

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