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Welcome back, Communitea!

It’s been a while since I Spilled the Tea, but that’s all for good reason. Over the last few months, I’ve been thinking of ways I can grow my website and meet my audience’s demand.

The last few months have been a perplexing and worrying time for many. None of us could have foreseen the consequences and changes to daily life that a global pandemic would ensue. Contradictions surround us everywhere: we’re rediscovering our local, whilst connecting with the global; many businesses are having to make cutbacks, while entrepreneurs are seeking opportunities for new products; people reached out to neighbours they haven’t spoken to in years, while they started arguments with someone at the supermarket for taking the last toilet roll; some parts of the world are ready to start a new “normal”, while other countries continue to suffer devastating effects.

Surely, then, it would be impossible to draw comparisons to other’s experiences? Unfortunately, comparison culture has peaked for many of us. Before and after lockdown photos were filling Instagram feeds, acting as reminders that during this *highly stressful* and *mentally exhausting* period, we should be lunging, squatting and planking in and around the other members of our house. Pressures to say no to that pile of chocolate digestives and substitute it for sugarless peanut butter on oatcakes (yuk) fed into the same logic. “Find your passion”, “unlock your inner creative talent”, “start that project you never got around to” were common outlooks when we first went into lockdown.

We closed the door on our mental health advocacy and refused to take a sip of our own medicine.

Editor, Spill the Tea

When we were already adapting to challenging circumstances, we forgot to be kind to ourselves. We closed the door on our mental health advocacy and refused to take a sip of our own medicine. Instead, pressures mounted and we spent more time focused on making sure our neighbour across the road was cared for than listening to the very voice in our heads telling us to have a breather.

Personally, I have prioritised productivity, beginning the daunting job hunt (despite still doing my master’s degree), trying to have my sh*t together and keeping in touch with every friend everywhere. And honestly, sometimes I just needed to hit pause. With that in mind, we’ll be providing you with new content in areas such as body positivity, mental health, finance and work and representation (with lots more in-store too).

We’ve also seen an explosion of social media and real-life activism regarding the Black Lives Matter movement following the tragic death of George Floyd. Whilst this can be a sensitive area to navigate, we here at Spill the Tea can promise to do our bit in using our white privilege, refuting any white silence and welcoming underrepresented communiteas to have their voice heard on our platform. We are, and always have been, an open and accepting communitea and want to welcome any womxn into our safe space.

Which brings me onto the changes we are making here at Spill the Tea:
Link here to my Instagram video about how to be a part of our Communitea…
  • New section: diversitea. This will host an inclusive online magazine which will aim to correct some of the narrow representations of women in the media, as well as creating space for a diversity of voices (see next point).
  • Contributors: there will now be the chance to pitch your content to me and write for Spill the Tea – see link here.
  • Weekly Tea-Time vlog is getting transformed into a podcast.
  • New logos, branding and website: www.hollyspillingthetea.com.
  • Improved social media presence: interactive content, themed feed and Live videos. (Make sure to check us out on Instagram and Facebook.)
  • Acting on the feedback many of you gave us in our survey – I see you and the content you want to see. Stick with me.

(< See Instagram video to the left to see more about what’s in-store.)

Apologies if this seems like information overload, but an update was overdue. I can’t wait to welcome new voices and topics onto the site, as well as seeing our communitea grow on all our relevant platforms. As ever, if you have a story that needs to be shared, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I understand sharing personal experiences or stories can be a daunting process, but our safe space promises support and a place to soundboard ideas.

Grab a cuppa, grab your mate, and get ready to Spill the Tea with a diversitea of voices.

– Holly (the one who Spills the Tea) x

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