Normalitea: let us talk about hope

Let us talk about hope. 

In the middle of this pandemic, hope can seem a little too far out of reach. Hope is subjective, it is personal to you and your desires in life. Whether you are hopeful that your future will hold time spent together with loved ones, whether you are hopeful for a bright and sparkling career, or whether there is a more personal goal that you want to achieve, hope is a driving force in our lives. 

I sometimes think about my future and a great big ball of anxiety knots itself in my stomach. I wonder whether I will end up in a job that I love and one that is financially viable, I wonder if I will travel to all the places I desire, and I wonder if I will be able to start a family of my own. These are all big thoughts for a 5 foot 3 woman on a Friday afternoon. And yet, they fuel my life, my motivation to do well, my motivation to be a better person. They make me, quite simply, me. 

These are all big thoughts for a 5 foot 3 woman on a Friday afternoon.

Sophie Wilson

And so, how has the Covid-19 pandemic affected this? 

Well, I for one have looked into my future and a few times genuinely thought, what is the point? Internships are seemingly harder to get when companies are not in their offices, our social life has diminished greatly, and travel is of course out of the window for many of us. 

Many a time, I have sat at my desk while studying for my degree and I think, what is all of my hard work gearing itself towards? Why am I spending hours pouring over my work? WHAT IS IT ALL IN AID OF? 

But I just want to shine a little light on the reality of our situation. We are all in the same boat, wondering what our future holds. Many people are worried about job security, others are struggling in long distance relationships while in local lockdown, and others are just wanting to give their grandparents a tight hug. 

But there IS hope, a hope for a better quality of life. With a vaccine seeming far away, and many having lost loved ones, it is hard to see that there is hope in all of this. We can hope that a vaccine brings us some more normality, and then we can start to fulfil our dreams and our desires. 

Without hope we trudge about our lives as machines, completing the same menial tasks, wondering what we are all about. With hope, we become complex and interesting individuals who are navigating their lives, and although we are in a world that creates obstacles, our journey will definitely be worth it. 

Never give up,

Sophie x

Featured image: chris liu on Unsplash

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