Lockdown day four: normalitea

Ask the internet how long it takes someone to form a habit, and it tells you it can take anything between three days, to three weeks, to 66 days. This, I would like to contest. After just four days, we have accomplished a new routine. The recipe for success? Monotony, little choice but to accept your circumstances and a sprinkling of patience when you feel like caving in.

What does our new habit involve? Disinfecting, spraying, wiping, throwing, double bin bagging, socially distancing, avoiding touching face, being paranoid and learning who is in what room at what time.

Let me take you through a day in the life of day four, Monday 14th, as I resumed working from home:

  • Cleaning, cleansing and keeping minimal contact (a new version of the three S’s?)
  • Breakie al fresco (morning sun vibes)
  • Monday morning meeting with my team (+ Finlay who missed my text and walked in)
  • Georgia’s announcement she is getting antibiotics to help in the morning (hooray)
  • Finlay’s announcement our toilet is no longer flushing
  • Finlay stains his T-shirt washing up the smoothie blender (strike one)
  • Finlay bellowing over our balcony to instruct the grocery driver where our flat is
  • Holly begins losing her patience and turns grumpy (refer to previous points as to why)
  • Normal work routine until lunch (hallelujah)
  • Scotland plays Czech Republic (Scottish boyfriend’s day is getting progressively worse)
  • Holly’s daily panic we might have contracted Covid-19 too
  • A lot of coffees and snacks
  • A pleasant evening binging a new series, playing cards and keeping the peace
  • Rapid test time (another negative – phew)
  • Brushing our teeth time – Finlay stains another white T-shirt with toothpaste (strike two)
  • Getting into bed, our everyday routine of the planks not withholding our bloated lockdown bellies and the planks falling through. (Note: this is potentially my favourite part of the day seeing Finlay pull the planks back through – the planks that break the camels back? I will capture his reaction one of these days.)**

That’s the hand we were served today. Tomorrow’s got to be a better day, surely?

**Please note, Finlay contests some of the above points.

End of day four:

  • Fallouts: several (I need to stop laughing when things go wrong for boyfriend)
  • Takeaways: remain at 2 (during the week is excessive, right?)
  • Positive cases in the flat: 1 (feeling blessed for this at least).

Stay tuned to see how our lockdown life progresses as the days roll closer to Monday 21st (a.k.a. freedom central).

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